Solve impossible problems with Google search techniques

Google challenge by Daniel Russell

Heres a riddle:

What’s the phone number of the office from where this picture was snapped?

NOT the building in the picture…but where the  photo was taken from.

Fast Answer: the Google offices in the Warsaw Financial Center at Emilii Plater 53, Warsaw, Poland.  The phone number is +48 22 207 19 00 and this photo is taken from the 10th floor.

How he found the answer, posted by Daniel M. Russell and in a separate post,  His Google search tips, from a speech.

Why No Jobs Happen to Good Workers

A lot of companies are complaining that there is a skill gap, that good workers are hard to find, and that the education system is failing us and so on.

This guys take is that companies blame everything for the problem, except their possible role in it.

So If all companies are paying market rates, and still facing a skill gap, then clearly they’re not paying enough. Companies are being short sighted by wanting to pay less, and wanting more skills.

Thats not how the market economy works.

Why Bad Jobs-or No Jobs-Happen to Good Workers – IEEE Spectrum.