• Adelaide Afternoon

    The kind of light, shadow and color it’s impossible to find in Delhi beyond a few days in the monsoon Continue reading

  • Big Data Is A Sham

    This bears thinking about… Big companies are hoarding big data and doing nothing with it–except invading our privacy. It’s time to think small, writes Paddle Consulting’s Brian Millar. — Read on www.fastcodesign.com/90168426/big-data-is-a-sham Continue reading

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  • What we get wrong about technology

    Source: What we get wrong about technology — ft.com The point of this article will be clear to anyone struggling to use new technology in current processes. The article stops short of future predictions but the insights from the past are illuminating. To become really transformative, Electricity required the reinvention of the the manufacturing process, worker… Continue reading

  • Star Trek: Legacy –  the TRON edit

    Patrick Collins recut Star Trek:TMP into 20 minutes, using the Daft Punk written soundrack album for TRON. It is fantastic! Continue reading

  • Garbage in, Garbage out

    Machine learns racial and gender biases embedded in human data. Lets not assume AI will be evil or wise. AI see, AI do, like any monkey. At some point it may grow up and learn ‘good’ from ‘bad’ but thats debatable. Machine learning algorithms are picking up deeply ingrained race and gender prejudices concealed within… Continue reading

  • Who needs CGI?

    Stan Draws Spaceships – Beautifully This deceptively simple hand-drawn animation, created out of passion, has more beautiful scene framing, composition, perspective and cuts, all of which is sync’d beautifully with the narrative, bringing the subject alive. Most of the heavy Computer generated graphics animations you typically see don’t even come close, relying more on graphic… Continue reading

  • Blockchain cuts out the Middleman

    The Internet decentralised information. The Blockchain will decentralise transactions. “a 1% transaction fee may not seem like much, but down a 15-step supply chain, it adds up. […] The decentralization that blockchain provides would change that, which could have huge possible impacts for economies in the developing world” Source: The Promise of Blockchain Is a… Continue reading

  • Arriving with Cows

    A small bit of dialogue from the wonderfully satisfying movie ‘Arrival’ that i didn’t quite catch while watching, was about the Sanskrit word for “war” and its etymology. One linguist thinks the word, gavisti, comes from “argument,” when the right answer is “a desire for more cows.” Now as an Indian, this was a bit of an eye-rolling moment.… Continue reading

  • The Four 4s

    How to derive every number upto infinity, using only four 4’s and math operators. Amazing! Firstly, how do people even begin to think about numbers this way? That said, its fantastic to see people enjoying something so completely. Continue reading