• Old Books

    [column size=”2/3″ center=”yes”] Old Books. Books you’ve had for years. Open them and they take you back; back to when they and you were new. Weathered, yellowed, textured. Spines split, and that old book smell – part dust and part memory. An old book is itself a bookmark in time. And now a monument. 20 years… Continue reading

  • Painted Rails: An idea for getting Self-Driving Cars on the road sooner, rather than later

    Currently engineers & scientists building automated self-driving cars, are attempting two methods: Easier (actually very difficult): Cars that sense the road, and assist human drivers for specific tasks like self-parking, or avoiding accidents, or highway driving. And Elon Musk says Tesla’s high-tech cars will run on ‘auto-pilot’ 90% of the time by 2015. These are useful features for a human driver to have, but… Continue reading

  • Phone book #UIFail

    14 years of plumbers across 5 houses – and I can’t sort my phone book entries by ‘date added’ for the one I used most recently. (I was as surprised as you are at the number of search results, believe me!) Or tag them by ‘area’ like phone camera photos are auto-tagged by gps. It’s… Continue reading

  • Buying Movie Tickets #UIFail

    I can book tickets ‘instantly’ but I cant book in ways more typical to everyday situations : like whats playing at 9pm today. Or at my regular go-to Cinema. These database-query sites make it easier to book a ticket in Bathinda than in PVR Saket #uifail #betterdesignplease Continue reading

  • Say what?

    Good lord, the whole situation is a debacle…what a knee-jerk reaction from Intel. #gamergate Intel buckles to anti-feminist campaign by pulling ads from gaming site // “it’s increasingly difficult to defend a movement that decries what it argues is censorship, and then organizes co-ordinated strikes to silence those calling loudest for fairness and equality in… Continue reading

  • “Are you not entertained??!”

    It occurs to me as I watch, that the celebrity-industrial-complex of 24-hour cable TV is the Roman ‘bread and circus’ of our time.. Continue reading

  • File icons

    How much longer must file icons look like a sheet of paper? When will we move beyond the metaphor that a computer document file – be it Word, php or CSS, is like a sheet of paper? Dear @PARCinc, thanks for the Icon metaphors since 1970, but I think we’re ready to move beyond this… Continue reading

  • You only know someone when you fight them

    The critics all agree — ‘Fight’, episode 3 of the second season of ‘Masters of Sex‘ was a master-class of what television is capable of achieving in the art of storytelling. Exquisitely paced, delicately told, and played with a tough vulnerability by Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplain, it was a dance around the ring between their characters, while telling… Continue reading

  • Food Trawling in Old Delhi

    The only way to end a food trip to Old Delhi is with a trip to Mogambo’s personal coffee shop – the overly dramatic Starbucks in CP. Continue reading

  • Exponential Replacement

    Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please Don’t Fire Us? — Mother Jones This is probably the best summary of the state of AI (exponential growth is not as slow as we think) and its future impact (the Luddites were 200 years too early). A must-read article. A lot of this replacing-humans-with-machines is already happening, and jobs are disappearing.… Continue reading