Ukraine has better tech than the US Military

IT tech, not artillery and missiles, but it’s software layer is revealing the future of war.

An exciting, illuminating thread on why the Russians are getting hammered by Ukranian cannons and missiles, and how Elon Musks Starlink is helping it all work.

On Penmanship

A funny, sometimes-awkward but sweet, love song to the art of penmanship and why we should still maintain it in the age of typewriters.

Schools Out

Brilliant session on how technology is replacing people — ending with the question, what do you teach children in schools today, when 50% of all jobs in existence, will be gone in the next 20-30 years?


— Making Real change, and blind spots.

The 97-page internal report on what the New York Times needs to do online contains many things of value, but it glosses over one important point: the way the NYT does journalism has to change, not just how it is promoted or displayed

What you write is as important as how it’s presented — journalists need to look within too… it’s not just about technology.