• The Next 12 months in AI

    How far can ChatGPT go to fool humans? Nutgraf at The Ken This was a nice read at The Ken as usual. Though, this article ends with essentially saying ChatGPT isn’t that smart, which while it is true, is just an an odd take, because its a mistake to see ChatGPT as being in a… Continue reading

  • Big Data Is A Sham

    This bears thinking about… Big companies are hoarding big data and doing nothing with it–except invading our privacy. It’s time to think small, writes Paddle Consulting’s Brian Millar. — Read on Continue reading

  • Her Voice

    Its not quite the movie ‘Her’, but similar. Strange and wonderful things like this will only continue to happen. How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.’s With Apple’s Siri// Continue reading

  • On Penmanship

    A funny, sometimes-awkward but sweet, love song to the art of penmanship and why we should still maintain it in the age of typewriters. Continue reading

  • You can touch this

    Now thats real innovation…cant wait to actually have this. The most ironic application has to be the virtual mouse ON the touchscreen. Continue reading

  • Heads up!

    If you have 15 minutes, and think about what you’ll be doing 10 years from now, watch this! The background music to this video was written by a software bot. – via Reddit Continue reading

  • Schools Out

    Brilliant session on how technology is replacing people — ending with the question, what do you teach children in schools today, when 50% of all jobs in existence, will be gone in the next 20-30 years? Continue reading

  • The medium really is the message

    — Making Real change, and blind spots. The 97-page internal report on what the New York Times needs to do online contains many things of value, but it glosses over one important point: the way the NYT does journalism has to change, not just how it is promoted or displayed What you write is as… Continue reading

  • More of this please

    — Field Testing Facebook in Africa More companies need to do this – field test software and hardware in Asia and Africa – not just for internet speeds but for climate, daily use issues, practicality and culture. Not every place is Southern California. Continue reading