Games are now way more than Games

While this link talks about Fortnite, it really speaks to a trend. Even if the fad of Fortnite passes, and another brand replaces it, the underlying trend will probably continue.
The sophistication of games, their free-form narrative structures, and the cost and ubiquity of devices are trends converging on a new reality — that games are becoming the new Social Networks. When you can chat with other players, share thrilling experiences, and integrate the game into your day wherever you are, it becomes clearer this is going to become a new language for players to connect through – the way  conversations about TV shows were for a previous generation.

A new technology is integrating itself into the culture, and everything from society to the economy is going to be affected.

The game is an excuse to stay connected

Source: Fortnite was 2018’s most important social network

Phone book #UIFail

14 years of plumbers across 5 houses – and I can’t sort my phone book entries by ‘date added’ for the one I used most recently. (I was as surprised as you are at the number of search results, believe me!)
Or tag them by ‘area’ like phone camera photos are auto-tagged by gps.

It’s almost 2015, software people…get to it!

Buying Movie Tickets #UIFail


I can book tickets ‘instantly’ but I cant book in ways more typical to everyday situations : like whats playing at 9pm today. Or at my regular go-to Cinema.

These database-query sites make it easier to book a ticket in Bathinda than in PVR Saket

#uifail #betterdesignplease