The Art of recycling stories….


Plot similarities between Star Wars Trilogy and The Matrix Trilogy

A young man finds his destiny (Luke Skywalker/Neo)
He is helped by another who has known a secret about him a long time (Obi Wan /Morpheus)
It involves a journey away from everything he has ever known, and he needs to  choose it. (Tatooine/The Matrix)
There is a struggle for freedom against a total domination by evil (The Empire/Machines)
The band of rebels hide in makeshift hidden bases (Rebel bases/Zion)
The  bad guys are constantly chasing them (Empire/Machines)
Back before the war started, the bad guys grew powerful under the noses of the good guys (Republic/Pre-AI Humans)

A whole new world opens up to the boy, he learns new abilities and skills, skills that involve altering reality as ordinary people experience it (The Force/The One’s control over the Matrix)
Most fighting involves a traditional martial skill, accompanied by guns (LightSabres/Kung Fu)
The father figure steps in to sacrifice himself to save the boy (The ‘death’ of ObiWan/Morpheus’ capture in part 1)
The boy realises his destiny (Luke becomes a Jedi/Neo becomes the One)
and learns that he is connected to the bad guys, far more than he could have imagined (Luke, the son of Darth Vader/Neo as a control, a creation of the Machines)

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