Bricks from bacteria, not coal fire

How amazing is that – a brick hardened by Coral-like growth, not by fire in an oven for three days.
Imagine no more brick klins belching heat, smoke and co2, consuming coal. This is going to market in 2017!

 “I really wanted to pursue a different approach to how materials were made,” she says. “It just didn’t seem right for us to essentially extract material from the ground and then fire it with quite a large amount of fossil fuel just to make a hard product.”
“Our goal is to impact. It’s a global goal,” says Dosier. “We wanted to do what had never been done before, to push the boundaries. And instead of being ‘less bad,’ we wanted to completely redo it–the hard way.”

BioMason is a North Carolina startup company that manufactures bricks without heat or clay. About 8% of global carbon emissions come from making bricks, accor…

Source: Huge Cuts In Brick CO2 Emissions Coming From Startup BioMason

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