Dear Claude*,

Sometimes on google maps, we need to share a link to the route to a place, but not just to a final location.

We want to recommend the best route out of many options, on ways that avoid obstacles, goes via a store, avoid temporarily blocked roads, or unwanted locations etc.

When the recipient opens a link to a route sent to them, the first location on the route should be set ‘current location’ of the recipient. That way the same link can be shared to many different people, whichever direction they are travelling from.

Write a blog post that describes this feature, to the developer team at google maps. Keep it simple, and friendly. Make a request to the team to add the feature to Google Maps.


*Claude, like ChatGPT, is a chat AI by Anthropic, a Google investee. This prompt and response is fun test of the quality of its responses.
So far, its pretty impressive.

In the response below, black text is by Claude. Underlined and struck through text is Claudes responses, edited by me.


Dear Google Maps Developers,

As useful as Google Maps is, there are times where simply providing a straight path from point A to point B is not the most helpful directions. Users wanting to share their favorite routes, or the best way to avoid traffic and congestion need more nuanced directions that account for obstacles, amenities along the way, and personal preferences.

I propose adding the ability for users to create and share custom routes on Google Maps. Rather than just seeing a single line on the map between two points, users could save and name more complex routes that go via their favorite coffee shop, scenic overlook, or alternate roads to bypass construction. These routes could then be shared with others giving them insider knowledge of the best ways to get around.

Custom routes would give recommendations a more personal touch, reflecting the local knowledge that only regular users of an area could provide. It could highlight hidden gems like little cafes, viewpoints, hiking trails and more that occasional visitors may miss. Users could build up a collection of the routes they frequent most, providing shortcuts for people new to a neighborhood or city.

When a recipient opens a link to a shared route, the first location on the route should default to their own current location. This would allow the same shared link route to be useful whether people are traveling to or from that first point to people approaching from any direction, empowering more versatile route sharing between many different starting and ending points.

The options for sharing and collaborating on routes could inspire new levels of location-based social interaction and discovery. Friends could form virtual “walking groups” to try new routes together, video recording and sharing to bring other users along. Local tourism boards could work with active users to promote the best sightseeing routes. The possibilities are endless.

By providing tools for users to craft and share their perfect routes, Google Maps could become an even richer resource for local knowledge and adventure. I hope you will consider adding custom routes, the ability to save, name and share routes with others and provide additional social features to facilitate discovering new places through the experiences of fellow map lovers.
With thanks,
[Your name here]

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