May I introduce you to Bobilli Vijay Kumar, the National Sports Editor (yes!) of the TOI, who once described Raj Singh Dungarpur as the ‘uncrowned father of Indian cricket’.

This gentleman had the following to say about the Tiger Woods…er…affair, in a National newspapers blog, and he wasnt joking…

“Tiger Woods is finally realising that life is not always a bed of roses. He has slept in so many, anyway, that he would have known that a prickly one was just a birdie away.

However, even in his wildest dreams (and as we know now he does have wild dreams, even if you don’t count kinky sex or foursomes), he wouldn’t have expected that he would end paying such a heavy price. Will he really need to put away his club to save the marriage?”

If youre still on your chair, read the whole post over at the TOI website – its an absolute riot! I cant quote the whole thing here!

Times of India Sports Blog

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